We offer quality repairs from leaks caused by harsh extreme hot & cold year round weather conditions.


Colorado has beautiful homes, townhouses, apartments, shopping centers and condos in the city, hotels and resort areas.

We assist in taking care of your investments by preventing and repairing leaks so you can be worry free and continue living the life you have in your Colorado home. 






we are pleased to introduce...

The only company in Colorado with more than 20 years experience who specializes in leak repairs using infrared technology to find and track leaks coming from any type of roofs, sidings, windows, skylights, gutters and chimneys.  We are well recommend by both commercial and residential properties in Colorado.  

Roofing, siding and window companies often fail to find and repair leaks that are not in their areas of expertise. 

Many of these leaks are a result of poor insulation, improper flashing & seal installation from various contractor companies.

These reoccurring leaks by contractor companies who are unable to find the mains source of water infiltration, ice damming or condensation which can lead to mold, mildew and rot.  These circumstances can slowly damage homes and businesses structural and create a hazardous environment for tenants.

We offer photo documentation from start to finish of each repair job.